Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It- oh NO!

The other day Hallee came home from school and told me that none of the kids in her class had ever heard the song- I'm Sexy and I know It, she told me she sung it for a bunch of kids and it is her favorite song- I wanted to die, my 1st grader going around singing I'm Sexy and I know It- oh boy, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that! Hallee has no clue what Sexy means- thank goodness
Talking about sexy- check this girl out- she was dying laughing at herself,she thought she was soo funny-
 She has her tutu from the bottom of her shirt- tucked into her pants and she was running around, saying she was a granny- Not sure why?
I love how she squeezed her cheeks together when I snapped the picture

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to Sicaly

Time sure does go by fast- I can't believe my baby turned 2 years old yesterday. She was so excited to open presents- she had them all opened 1st thing in the morning and I did good this year, she played and played with her new toys all day and Blyss played with them while Sicaly took a nap. For Sicaly's birthday she got a big barbie head to do its hair, then a set that had a blowdryer (that blows air and makes a noise), hairbrush, clippies, curling iron, a straightner, and a spray bottle, she also got her own barbie with a swimsuit to take in the bath tub, and her own lip gloss (which it is already gone!). During the day we went to Temptation Cupcake and we all picked out a cupcake to celebrate. I decided I wasn't going to make a cake because I spend alot of time making it fancy, everyone has one slice, then I end up throwing it away- those cupcake were definatley better then a box cake mix!!We went to dinner at McDonald's and of course all my kids love that, then we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Sicaly and had our cupcakes.
Sicaly is definatley a little smartie pants- she wants to do everything her sisters do, she copies everything they say too. Her new thing is, when I tell her to do something or stop doing something she always replies, "Ok Mom." But then she usually does the opposite of what I have asked. She is getting alot better with saying words and talking. She loves her binkie, blankie, watching wiggles, reading books,playing playdough, playing with her kitchen set, loves eating chocolate, and making messes. Our one on one time is before she takes a nap, we sit in her room and read 4 or 5 books before I rock her to sleep- it is one of my favorite times of the day. She is quite silly and we are so happy she is a part of our family!!

I had to throw this picture in- this is what Sicaly looks like pretty much every morning. She sits on the counter in the bathroom while I am putting on my makeup or doing hair and she plays in my lipstick, she loves to put on lipstick and lip gloss, she is not the greatest at getting it on right- but it keeps her entertained so that I can get ready!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Knew

Who knew that you could actually get stuck in a traffic jam in Preston??? Well, it happened to us yesterday trying to make it to dance. Franklin Grain caught on fire- the main road was blocked off and a big area blocked off. It was quite the sight. We did get a little closer trying to get to dance, but we never could get over to the dance studio- it was blocked off, but we watched the fire man be hoisted up by their fire engine and spray, it was neat to watch and scary, praying that there wouldn't be an explosion due to grain dust or the chemicals in the other bins. We were in Preston about 3 1/2 hours and the whole time there was a blaze and they were working to get it contained. The girls were so concerned about the firemen and that they must be so tired and hungry.

Then look at these cute girls with their dance costumes on! Last night they performed at the Preston High School- they both did so awesome. They had other groups compete- doing just dance- and our girls with their clogging were so much funner to watch and they all stayed together actually doing the same thing, some of the other groups were painful to watch!!!Hallee is dancing to the song, Crocodile Rock and Blyss to Rio!

Sicaly wanted a picture of her like what Blyss was doing. She felt so bad last night when I was getting the girls costumes on, she took off her own jacket and wanted a costume on too. She had a little melt down over that- then the girls had to sit all together and she wanted to sit with them so bad. She just wants to be like them so much.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Little One

This little one is going to cause me to have grey hair. I don't know if it is the terrible two's or if it is her personality. She is very strong willed and will not give up with out a huge fight. She is also fun, sweet, and good entertainment.  But if she doesn't get everthing her way or what she wants that second it is a total tantrum fit- that can go on for like an hour. I don't remember my other 2 being this stubborn and this many tantrum fits. I am definately learning patience though- try to be cool, ignore her and most of all not giving in to her!