Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Hallee and Blyss after opening one present on Christmas Eve, Blyss gave Hallee rings, and Hallee gave Blyss a set of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Ready to go to bed

What a busy Christmas! Christmas was so much fun this year- Hallee was so, so excited, she could hardly stand it, and finally told us she couldn't be patient anymore! On Christmas Eve we went and had breakfast( our little family tradition), we then went bowling, that is what Hallee really wanted to do. After we got back home, we cleaned the basement a little and the upstairs, then I made a nice dinner of Turkey and funeral potatoes, we made cookies for Santa, we read Christmas books and the Christmas story, watched Polar Express, we also let the girls open 1 present, they opened the presents they bought for each other. When it was finally bed time Hallee got Santa's plate and milk ready. She had a hard time going to sleep because she was so excited, and we couldn't even get Blyss to sleep. So finally at 11:00pm we had them to sleep, then Zak and I became Santa's helpers and got everything ready for Christmas morning. Where the girls went to bed so late I hoped they would sleep in, but Hallee was up at 6:00 am, and she woke Blyss up. The girls were very excited, Blyss kept saying, "wow!" and "oh, my gosh!" to everything. The got a doll house(Santa and Santa's wife made this), furniture to put in the doll house, barbies, and Hallee got some new art stuff- she spent all day on Christmas using her blendy pens! Zak and I got ourselves a new camera.

The girls and the doll house


Blyss and her kitty- Turkey

Blyss taking her sled back up the hill- she took Little Mermaid Sledding

Hallee going down

We had a delicious breakfast, then the girls went sledding on our hill.

That afternoon we headed to Idaho, we stayed with my parents, and we had the Bazil family reunion on Saturday, that was fun to see all the family, Sunday we went and visited Zak's family, and on Monday visited Zak's grandparents and then headed home. It was a great Christmas 2009! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Have a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS from- Hannah Montana(Blyss) and the Very Fancy Queen of All(Hallee)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Help If You Can

If you haven't noticed the Benson and Claire button on the side of my blog- give it a click and help this family- go down and read day #93, It is so exciting Claire is getting her much needed transplant!!!
Also there is another family that could used a donation-, Taylie is Hallee's age and they went to preschool together last year, they are the sweetest family.
Please help these families if you can- $1.00 would be great- and make sure to spread the word!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frosty the Snowman

Today we had to take advantage of the awesome snow, so Zak and the girls made a snowman and I decorated our snowman. We sure got tons of snow between yesterday and today!
This past week the girls and I have kept ourselves busy making christmas goodies, while Zak was gone most of the week(earlier in the week gone to Idaho for work, and then gone for 3 days with his dad, brother, and brother in law motorbiking to Mesquite) we made fudge, toffee, and my favorite cheriollets. The girls love helping and baking in the kitchen- I didn't get any pics, because I was keeping a close eye on the girls to make sure they weren't sticking their fingers in it and licking the spoons. Then we delievered all the goodies to neighbors, the girls had fun going door to door and delivering. I think at every door Blyss would say, "Merry Christmas," about 10 times. We are almost ready for Christmas- we are going to take the girls Christmas shopping to get each other a present- hopefully it works!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Could it Be?

Today is Zak's 30th Birthday- crazy!!! I can't believe we are getting this old. I took some pictures of him, but our camera didn't save them(our camera has been dropped one to many times- I'm hoping I get a new one for Christmas), I made a pupmpkin roll for him, we stuck candles in it, sang happy birthday, and Blyss was so excited she blew out the candles, so we relit the candles and Zak got to blow the candles out himself. But I want to wish Zak a happy birthday and I want him to know how much I love him, he is truly great!


Yesterday was our ward Christmas party, Santa came to it, the girls were so excited to see Santa-that is until it was their turn to sit on his lap, Hallee did okay, but Blyss was screaming and crying, saying that she was scared- she was the only child I heard that was scared of him. So we didn't get a picture of her and Santa. The primary did the Nativity- Hallee was the prettiest little angel.

This week we worked on putting up Christmas decorations, and everyday the girls ask if it is Christmas yet, and if they can open presents, this is really going to test their patience. Here is a picture of the girls and our christmas tree.

Earlier this week, we obviously didn't learn a lesson that we had just learned on Saturday- last post- of not taking a sick kid into a store. Well it was a normal day, Hallee went to preschool, she went to dance, we had dinner, then went to Lowe's to get some supplies, Hallee starts complaing that her stomach really hurts, we brush it off, then she starts pucking, and pucking, so I take her, and we run from aisle 30 to our car, leaving a nice puke trail- once again so embarrased, and feel so bad for the person who has to clean it up. Poor little girl was sick all night throwing up, then during the middle of the night, I got the nasty stomach flu as well, it was especially hard, because Zak left early that morning to Burley and was gone over night, so that whole next day, I was throwing up, exhausted, and not feeling well and had to take care of Hallee who was still sick and a very bored Blyss. I am sooooo glad that we are all feeling better!