Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blyss is Six!

Boy it seems like my girls are growing up way to fast! Blyss was so excited for her Birthday- she has been counting down since November. Once Christmas was over- she asked everyday how many more days until my birthday? Blyss is a good little girl- she is caring, likes to help, plays really good with Sicaly, loves to have friends over or playing with friends, she is doing really well in school- she is doing excellent with reading, she loves to dance, sing, and have fun. She is also my little fire ball- she is definatley a red head- when she is mad, she is mad! She is also very sassy, something we are working on- like you say "yes" when asked to do something. We sure love her!
The week before Blyss' birthday she was student of the week- she has been wanting this since Hallee was student of the week. She got a certificate to go to Pizza Pie Cafe, so we went there to celebrate our student of the week.
Blyss has had a wiggly tooth since Christmas. Finally last Sunday during sacrament meeting, Blyss was showing Zak how much she could bend the tooth, next thing Zak grabbed it and pulled it out. No tears and very little blood- YEAH! It was exciting for her because she got to show all her friends at Church her lost tooth.
This past weekend we headed up to Idaho to celebrate Blyss' birthday. On Saturday I made Blyss' cake then went out to lunch with my side of the family to celebrate.
Rainbow cake, and it was layered inside like a rainbow- I didn't get a picture though!
Saturday afternoon we headed to St. Anthony and celebrated with Zak's side of the family. The kids did pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. The kids loved the pinata- there was quite a few tears over it though.
Blyss opening her presents
After that the kids went out sledding and riding the snowmobile- they all had a blast and were soken through by the time they were done with sledding!
On Sunday- Blyss' birthday, opening presents at my parents-her sisters were excited as she was!
From Zak and I she got a Cutie Pop Doll, a Barbie movie, a Journal, a new outfit, and headphones.
From Hallee and Sicaly she got some new lip gloss.
From cousins she got finger nail polish and a bracelet.
From Grandparents she got a maniqune head to do hair (like what beauty schools use), new jeans, and money.
She is one lucky girl!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ThE StoRy of A GroWinG GirL

Hallee has been growing in every single way. She is a smart girl-she is doing excellent in school. She is an excellent reader, hasn't missed one word on a spelling test and is doing so well in math. Over the past few months she has had a huge growth spurt, after Thanksgiving we had to get a new pair of tennis shoes, since her feet had grown. The last couple of months I have had to adjust her elastic waist on her jeans(letting the elastic out), and I watched gradually as her pants got a little bit shorter on her. For some reason I just didn't think about it or worry about it. Until 2 weeks before Christmas, she came out of her room crying, she couldn't button up her jeans and they were very, very tight on her and a little to short. I told her to go put on a different pair, same scenerio, told her to try another pair, same thing- to tight and to short! Wow, she had grown out of 3 pairs of jeans that fast. So, we had to pull out her jeans from the day before out of the hamper to wear to school. And she could not, would not wear leggings and a skirt to school since it was P.E. day.
Luckily I was planning on going to town that day to finish Christmas shopping but the last thing I wanted to do is buy 3 new pairs of jeans- but had no other choice! Hopefully she is set until summer. Hallee is growing into one beatiful girl- inside and out. She is a joy to have around.
A little more about Hallee;
One of her favorite things to do is sit on the rocking chair with her cat Sweetie and watch TV or play on the I pad.
She loves, loves candy or any type of sweets!
She is a tomboy but is always worried how she looks- she likes her hair done, clothes and shoes matching.
Along with her being a tomboy she loves insects, bugs, snakes, birds, digging in the dirt.
She is a perfectionist at school- has a really hard time when she doesn't get something or gets the wrong answers.
She plays really good with Blyss and getting to be better with Sicaly.
She is a pretty  easy going kid!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Rest of Gracie our Elf before she flew back to the North Pole until next year:
She got in Blyss' jewlery
Wrote on the mirror- 5 more days until christmas- I will miss you, then she got in the Kleenx's 

Playing UNO 
Roasting a marshmellow with a candle under the tree
Last night- on top of the tree 
The girls got their letter from Santa letting them know they have been put on the nice list.
Sicaly- if you look close she has earrings on- Blyss and her like to put hair clips on their ears for earrings.
All the girls before we go to Church

Zak and the girls before we go to Church
The girls didn't get up until 7:30, I listened to them before I came out, and they were so excited and saying- this is just what I wanted and saying to each other- Look at this, look at this!

Sicaly got a princess dress, makeup (which she has on- and that makeup has been entertaing for everyone- she really puts it on heavy and we get a good laugh), a cash register, a barbie karoke machine, some bath toys, a barbie movie, and candy.

Blyss got a glow in the dark pillow pet, a fingernail paint station with glitter, a leappad, a journal, a necklace, Cinderella movie, and candy

Hallee got several art things, a leappad, a jewlery station, Madagascar 3 movie, and candy
The girls all loved their stuff and have been enjoying it very much.
On Christmas Day afternoon we headed up to Idaho so that we could help Zak's parents move. We also had fun with my family going out to eat, hanging out at Rexburg Motor Sports (my parents bought a Rhino), and playing games. We also had lunch with Zak's grandparents which was fun to see them and spend time with them.
Before Christmas we got lots and lots of snow- we have even more now. So we had to break out the 4-wheeler and sleds! Here is Hallee driving with Blyss and Sicaly on and pulling Zak in the sled. I couldn't watch- it was making me a nervous wreck- but they had lots of fun.