Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Times- Well Pretty Much

On Thursday we went up to Idaho, so that on Friday we could attend my Grandma Bazil's 85th Birthday and her boyfriend's, Willard McCulloch's 92nd Birthday Party. They had the theme- "Come Dance with Dancing the Stars- Melba and Willard" theme. They hired a live band for some good dancing. My grandma and Willard go dancing every weekend- that is what is keeping them young and going!!! But dancing is there thing so it made out for a great birthday party. It was fun to see cousins I haven't seen for a while. So that was lots of fun, but of course nothing can work out perfectly. On Thursday night I was eating a cheese sandwich when I felt my tooth completely fall out, and I swallowed it. This tooth was a post tooth for my bridge, it started hurting so I had the bridge taken off, I had a cavity in it, so they filled it then did a root canal, then I had to have a new crown made for it- this was two years ago- so alot of money invested in this dumb tooth. But it turned out that they didn't get all the cavity, so it started to rot and it rotted completly off, below the gum line. So Thursday night I couldn't sleep worrying about it. On Friday morning I figured I better go see a dentist. So my mom started calling dentist, but hardley any dentist work on friday, my mom got a hold of West Wind Dental- they were so awesome, and I went in and got rest of the tooth pulled out. So rest of the day my mouth was pretty sore, but at least I didn't have to worry about it anymore. Also on Friday Hallee broke out with Hives, poor girl, and she still has them, she is doing much better from her surgery. She had some tough days, but for the most part doing great.
Here are some pictures from our time in Idaho:

Mom and the girls on Granpa's 4 wheeler- they love it- they will say,"go faster!"

My grandma and Willard

Me attempting the Boot Scootin Boogie

Hallee and Blyss- our little stars

My brother Chase and Blyss dancing. Blyss had a ball dancing, she loved it, she wanted to dance every dance. She danced with her Uncle's, dad, grandma, and grandpa.

Blyss and Mom

Grandma and Grandpa and the girls

Dad and Hallee

Hallee and her hives

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Week

On Monday night we went to the Young Farmer and Rancher get together at the George Eccles Ice Center. I thought it was kind of weird that the get together for a bunch of cowboys and farmers was to be at the ice skating rink, but it was a blast. It was also quit a site to see all these boys and men ice skating around in their wrangler's, it gave me a good laugh. Both Hallee and Blyss tried out ice skating, Blyss looked so cute in her little pair of ice skates. Zak and I enjoyed it as well, we both hadn't ice skated forever, I was a bit nervous, but it came back like riding a bike. We decided we should do these more often, it was great exercise. Once again I forgot my camera, so no pictures.
Today Hallee had her tonsils and adenoids out at the Cache Valley Specialty Hospital. I'm so glad that my mom came down last night to watch Hallee so Zak could go with me to the hospital, because I really needed the moral support, I'm not to great when it comes to seeing my kids in pain, it breaks my heart. We had to be at the hospital at 7 am this morning, and Hallee was so scared she was shaking so bad and she was crying We had several nurses come in and talk to use and prep us and the doctor. All the nurses, doctors, and anesthelogist were awesome!!! The Anesthelogist came in and talked to us and he was the one to take Hallee to the OR, poor little girl had to go with this guy and we just had to stay in the room, she took hold of his hand and went with him trying to be brave. Hallee was in the OR for about 30 minutes then they brought her back. She was in alot of pain and confused and had a sick tummy do to the anesthisa, she was throwing up, I felt so bad for her. She kept saying, "I just want to go home. I want Grandma." She also didn't like her IV, all that well either. The Doctor came in and talked to us, he said that her tonsils were garganteous, and actually would've cause problems with her palate and also with the formation of her face as she grew. They gave her some pain medicine and it did wonders!!! We were able to come home at 11 am. She felt great for several hours and rest of the day she hasn't felt well and says her throat hurts really bad. We sure hope she can recover fast, they said about 7-14 days.
We want to thank Grandma for coming and taking care of Blyss for us, when she woke up from her nap, she was pretty disappointed that Grandma wasn't here, she kept asking where Grandma was, it was pretty cute!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I am so mad at myself for leaving our camera at home while we went to Idaho, so sorry I have no pictures of our whole weekend.

We left to Rigby on Thursday, little Blyss got car sick and threw up a couple of times, so we had to stop a couple of times and get her cleaned up the best we could. We made it to Rigby and both of my brothers and their families had come, one from Weiser, Idaho and the other from Calienta, Nevada. The cousins had a great time playing and my parents had a graduation party for my brother, Nick, who graduated from BYU-Idaho- Congrats Nick!!! We stayed with Zak's parents in St. Anthony, but the next morning headed back to my parents house, we then went to BlastOff where the kids had tons of fun on the toys and I did minitaure golf, after that we headed over to Sizzler to eat- my parents took us all out- Thanks!! Then back to my parents house where we went down to the farm to see the cows and visit my grandma. Then that night we left the girls with my parents and we went and had dinner with Zak's parents, his brother and wife, and sister and her husband and grandma, Thanks for Dinner!!! It was fun visiting. On Saturday we went to the St. Anthony Easter Egg Hunt, Blyss was so scared she just screamed and cried, Hallee seemed to like it. I also had my first ever spray on tan, Zak's sister Lyndsey bought a sprayer- I'm actually tan!! We then headed to the Sand Dunes and rode the four wheelers, Blyss and Hallee both enjoyed that. Zak's sister ,Paige has a baby bunny which Blyss just loved while we were there, she loved holding it, giving it loves, so we spent alot of time outside with the bunny. Hallee got in a little horse ride and also got to see a calf be born and the momma licking her baby. On Sunday Hallee and Blyss got to do a little Easter Egg hunt with their cousin Rylan, and we had a great Easter Dinner. It was a great fun filled weekend! It was great seeing everyone.

Here are a couple of pictures of a dress I made Blyss-

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter

We decided to celebrate Easter a week early since we will not be home for Easter. Yesterday while Zak was at the Priesthood Session the girls and I dyed Easter Eggs, of course we had the kind that came with sparkles and glitter, they had fun seeing the eggs change colors.

This morning we had a little Easter Egg Hunt with eggs, then they had to follow a jelly bean path down to the basement where there was a bike for Hallee and a Trike for Blyss. Between sessions of Conference today we worked with Hallee on peddaling and steering her bike. Blyss rode her trike for a little bit. Then we headed over to the park where the girls ran, and ran, and had fun on the toys.

What a great weekend we were able to spend as a family and listen to Conference, what great talks, and what incredible leaders we have.
I just had to put these pictures up of Blyss, the other day I found her in the office on Zak's desk, she loves Zak's desk because there is so much to find, lots of pens-which she loves to take apart, lots of paper that needs to be colored on, 3 or 4 calculators that she loves to push buttons on, and the printer that makes lots of beeping sounds when the buttons are pushed.