Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have meant to do this post for a long, long time... Life is busy and some days I feel like I don't have one spare minute!
Boy this past year we have had so many changes!
One year ago, we signed the papers to sell our home in Richmond- it was a diffucult couple of months, we signed papers the end of Febuary and were to be out the 1st of April, but the bank took forever, so we didn't move out until May. We moved everything into our neighbors house that was for sale, waited for the girls to finish school. We moved to Rigby on June 19th- it was one sad day! I still miss Richmond, my good neighbors, the school, and just the area!
It was a hard summer for the girls, they missed their friends so much, and once school started it was hard... The girls now had to wake up EARLY to catch the bus- they still do not like riding the bus. They both go to big schools, this has been a real struggle from out little school in Richmond. Hallee has made friends, but Blyss has struggled making friends- which she loves having friends and she has just struggled.

Another change for us is we moved closer to family! We have had to readjust on what we can do with family and what not. I was so scared to move for this reason- my little family is so important to me and I didn't want to be so busy and pressured by family and doing what they were doing.

In November we went through the stress of buying Zak a new car, we absolutley HATE car shopping. Only six weeks later Zak got in a car accident and totaled his car, just a few days before Chirstmas. We went through the stress of dealing with the insurance.... which lead to a blessing. It took the insurance company 6 weeks to pay the car off, in the meantime we didn't want to buy another car, until we knew how much the insurance was going to pay, so we knew how much we could spend again on a car. So during this time Zak had to rent a car, which is crazy expensive. But the end of January Farm Bureau offered Zak a job. Zak was like that is awesome they thought of me, but I'm happy with my job... then he left for 10 days, and during that 10 days he realized maybe his job wasn't so awesome and realized he spent alot of time away from his family. In January he was gone 21 days and February was no better. Zak decided he better turn in his resume to Farm Bureau and set up an official interview, then we learned so many people turned in applicatations for it and Zak worried he ruined his chance for not being totally interested at first, because after some thought we were super interested in it... he would be home most nights, they would give him a pickup to drive(that would be awesome- then we wouldn't have to buy another car- or worry about selling one, if we had one), he could work on the farm more, and of course still be involved in ag. So we stressed for a couple of weeks, and they came back and offered him a job!!! On that same day a couple of hours later we got a call from the insurance company, saying they sent a check to the bank to pay off the loan- all of it- we didn't owe a thing. For us that was a sign, we had been so stressed about getting the money, but if we had got it any sooner, we would have gone out and bought another car, then we would have been stuck with a new car, that we wouldn't be able to sell or need since Farm Bureau gives you a vehicle to drive.

So Zak took a new job, huge change for both of us! Zak had been gone so much for the past 5 years, I had my own routine, way I did things, my TV shows I like to watch before bed. We had to relearn each other and share the TV. It has been a good change though, the girls love having their Dad home and I LOVE having him home, it is so nice to be a family. This started with one hard change-  moving to Idaho.... and everything else has fallen into place, eventhough at times I have been so frustrated with change and things that have happened, but our Heavenly Father knows whats best for us and we just need to be patient to see the outcome and have the faith that everything will work out.

And then... I was finally getting comfortable in our ward from moving and in April they split our ward, added some new into our ward, moved buildings, and put me in the Nursery(my 4th time)so here we go with another big change!