Saturday, November 1, 2014

August 2014

Our August started off with the Jefferson County Fair. Hallee participated in sewing 4-H and art 4-H this summer. Hallee sewed a pair of pajama pants, she then got to model them in the fashion show. She had fun doing it and she got a blue ribbon and judges choice ribbon. So her pants went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Same with her picture she drew for art.

All of the girls entered things they had made, drawn into the open class divisions at the fair. They make some pretty good money off of it with their ribbons.

Hallee and her friend, Kennady did the Jefferson County Talent show where they clogged. They did so good. They took 1st place in their division. They won $25 and were sent to perform at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.

It was so exciting for these girls- it give them confidence!

Along with the fair, they have a cool car show. Zak was working a booth with the YW &YM of our ward as a fundraiser, so the girls and I looked at all the cool old cars and booths.

Sisaly is quite the girl, she sleeps in the most interesting ways. This night I found her asleep with a warmed up rice bag on her head- this was August so it was all ready very warm! I don't know how she fell asleep with this hot and heavy thing on her head!

We finally made a trip down to Richmond Utah to visit and catch up with some of our neighbors. We of course had to visit Firehouse Pizza- my all time favorite place! We got to have a good chat with the Titensors.

Then we visited the Fischers.

And out to Casper's Ice Cream with the Hulse's.
It was so good to see everyone!

While at Casper's Hallee found a frog. She is amazing at what she can find. We made her leave it there or else she would have brought it home.

At the end of August we went on the 1st day to the Eastern Idaho Fair. Zak worked a booth for Farm Bureau the entire 10 days. He got to see alot of the fair. Zak made friends with the pony ride people and our girls got a free ride! Because you all know we are to cheap to pay $5 a kid!

It was super busy but got to see lots of fun things!