Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 A good sign the kids are having a blast is you can't get them inside! We had a swim party for 2 days- till the swim water was pretty nasty. The kids had fun in the pool, on the slip n slide, and making butt prints on the cement.

 Blyss going down the slip n slide
 Sicaly hanging out in the pool. She would not go down the slide, just stand in the water- she did not want to get wet!
 A sign that fireworks did not go as planned. We were at our neighbors on Sunday night for their firework show, when one of the fireworks tipped over or misfired and headed directly at us mom's and kids on the blanket- my foot got hit. I'm so glad it was me and not the kids. But while one firework was coming at us, one landed in the empty lot next to their house- it landed and went woof- with flames, it was so scary because it went up so fast and was spreading so fast. All the guys worked hard to get hoses from wherever they could and got the fire out really fast. While this was all going all, the kids were panicked running all over screaming, and I was trying to find my 2- I was holding Sicaly, so I had her. It really shook up the kids. And I think it shook up everyone else too. We had a hard time sleeping that night replaying what happened. It could have been so much worse we were all being looked out for, I got the worst of it- the firework exploded right next to me and made my ear hurt- like I felt like I had an earache. My neighbors son go a tiny burn on his ear, Zak got a burn on his leg, and a firework went off in front of our neighbor and burned little holes in his clothes. Our neighbor gave us rest of the fireworks and I told Zak we are not lighting them off- maybe on New Year's Eve when it can't catch anything on fire!

Last sign- 3 days of fort building- the girls really, really like hanging out in a fort. It has kept them so entertained! But today- they have packed half their bedroom into the fort- so today is the last day of fort building for awhile!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A bit of July

I have been so bad about taking pictures lately, I am always forgetting my camera. July started out with my cousins daughters 16th surprise birthday party in Lewiston, there was probably about 100 people there to surprise her, it was fun to see my grandma and aunt who came down. After that party we went to our Neighborhood Firework party, everyone brings a few fireworks and then we have a great show- we had some really big ones this year and it goes for about an hour- it was awesome- my girls declared it was the best! On the 4th of July we took the neighbor kids with us and went to the Lewiston parade, the kids all had such a fun time together and got tons of candy! After that we went to pizza where the kids had a blast palying air hokey with each other. That night we did our own little fireworks. Blyss didn't have any shoes on and I told her to go get some shoes on, the next thing I know she is screaming and crying because she stepped on an ember from her sparkler and got burned- so that put a little damper in our little fireworks, but it was a great 4th of July.

The girls with their sparklers and Hallee and Blyss with curlformers in their hair- I really like how it curls their hair,
What their hair looks like after using curlformers
One night Sicaly snatched Zak's cowboy hat and was showing off and being so dang cute- she should have been going to sleep.

She was laughing at herself

Last week we headed to Idaho to spend sometime with family since Zak was in Montana all week. So one day we went to the Rexburg swim park, it was pretty fun, it was very crowded! My girls didn't get to swim a whole lot since they shut the pool down for 1 1/2 hours while we were there- I couldn't believe it took that long to get their whatever levels right. But my girls loved the lazy river, they could have been just happy with that. Sicaly was in no mood for swimming, she just cried and threw a fit, after awihle I figured out she had a fever, and rest of the time we were in Idaho she was very grumpy, whiny, and really didn't feel good. We had fun hanging out with grandma and grandpa and went to lunch with my grandma, so it was a good trip.
On Friday night we meet up with Zak in St. Anthony and the girls went for a horse ride and they did not want to get off, Blyss was sore the next day!
Once we got home on Saturday we headed to Hyrum Lake resevoir where my brother's girlfriends family was having a family reunion, the girls got to play on this barge they built with  a slide they could slide on into the water, they loved that! Then we went for a boat ride and Zak got to do some wake boarding. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The 2nd Half of June

For the past 2 weeks Hallee and Blyss have been doing swimming lessons. At the pool we go to the swimming lessons are indoors and then you can use the outdoor pool after swimming lessons- I love this, so that the kids can practice what they learned. But this year my kids really loved it and I had to drag them out everyday, we would be there about 3 hours! When I would talk to Zak on the phone everyday he would ask- "Have the girls sprouted gills yet?" Since we spent so much time there. The last few days Sicaly was finally enjoying the water and would stay in longer than 5 minutes. I'm glad it is done and over with now!
Blyss swimming
Sicaly with her tube she would just carry around like this.
Sicaly and Blyss on Front Runner
Last weekend we went on a little day trip. The girls have wanted to ride in a train. So I found out about the front runner, we boarded it in Layton and we rode it to Salt Lake, once we got to Salt Lake we rode around on the Trax. The girls just loved it, they wish where ever we went we could ride in a train. I asked them why- and they relplied because we don't have to wear a seat belt!
Hallee and Zak
We went to the Planaterium, it was cool!
Hallee and Blyss on the Moon
Sicaly on the Moon
Blyss, Hallee, and Sicaly on Mars
The girls in front of this cool earth display
After the planaterium we went to the City Creek Mall, let the girls play in the fountains and in the big play area. We looked around a little, and ended our trip off with a carmel/chocolate apple. It was alot of fun!
 Blyss' last T Ball game- Horray!! She did such a good job, she is a fast little runner. We are glad this over too, since it was soooo hot for her games and Sicaly didn't enjoy watching the games and she was all over the place and I was chasing her.

Our last event of June was Franklin Days, the girls performed and we walked around the booths.
Hallee(the one without the green are things)