Thursday, November 14, 2013

HalLoOweEn 2013

Blyss- Rock Star

Hallee- Zombie Mummy- she wanted to be something scary this year, which was kind of hard for me, I like them to look cute!

Sicaly- Ballerina, she changed her mind like 10 times on what to be, so the morning of Halloween she decided on being a ballerina

All 3 girls before going to the neighborhood trunk or treat- which was so nice, since everybody is pretty spread out in our subdivision, someone organized a trunk or treat in one of the culdesacs- it turned out pretty good for the 1st year.

Blyss' pumpkin- owl

Hallee's pumpkin- scary face

Blyss with her pumpkin

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Neighbors and Cousins

Sicaly and Easton
Our old neighbors and super good friends from Utah came up for a couple days in October. When I told my girls that they were going to come stay with us- they all screamed the ear busting scream- they were so excited. Everyday was a count down until they got here. We sure were happy to see them and spend time with them. Our kids play so, so good together! We took a walk together, went to the Idaho Falls river and temple, to McDonalds, Zak set up the projector with a movie, and talked. Then on Saturday we took them to Zak's parents farm to ride horses. They never had rode horses before and they all loved it so much!
Sicaly and Easton became the best buds- they just played and played together. He liked to be her puppy and she would have him on a leash, leading him around- it was so cute how well they played together.

Saddling up the horses

Hallee and Shez

Blyss and Zoey

Then after all the horse riding we took them to the sand dunes- the kids had a blast jumping and playing in the sand.

After I did laundry I could not believe how much sand was in the bottom of the laundry basket and all over my floor- we sure brought home our own little sand dune!

We sure are glad they came to visit us because we have been missing them! We had a great time and was great to catch up with them.

Vanna, Blyss, and Sicaly
Then a couple weeks later my brother Ty and his family came to stay at my parents for the weekend and celebrated my dad and Ty's birthday. We went bowling and out to eat. The kids played school together for a couple hours and played so well together, Hallee was the principal, and Blyss was the teacher and Cash, Vanna, and Sicaly were their students- it was funny how long they actually played school- you think they would be sick of school.
It was fun catching up with family-

Vanna, Blyss, Sicaly, and Hallee at the bowling alley- they were all awesome bowlers!

Then we headed down to the barn for awhile. This is a brand new baby calf that we got to watch for awhile, while they got her mom in to the barn to milk. The girls just loved petting the calf.

Erica, Hallee, and Blyss

Hallee and the calf