Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy Week

We have been working on potty training for the last couple of weeks- Sicaly got the pee thing down but not the other thing- and so I decided maybe we should wait a little bit longer. I have a super strong gag reflex and not so great with gross things! But she was one cute little girl in her big girl underwear and she thought she was pretty big wearing underwear. Alot of the days she was in her underwear and princess high heel shoes. This girl has lots of personality -she knows what she wants and is very determined to have what she wants so she keeps me very, very busy!

 Shaking it!
 Then last Thursday we headed to Idaho for my brother Chase's wedding open house. I  helped decorate the gym on thursday and friday. It turned out so nice. Chase and Brooke are a beautiful couple- they had lots of pictures printed and they were beautiful. My mom made all the refreshments and they were yummy- oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese, milk, and chocolate milk.
Blyss, Hallee, and Sicaly in their pretty dresses.
One of the picture tables.
Sicaly and Kallie (Brooke's youngest sister) they all had fun playing with each other.
The wedding line.
 On Saturday Brooke went through the Rexburg temple, then we went out and ate, it was fun to visit and get to know them all a little bit better, plus Zak's parents watched the kids, so it was a nice little break.
When we went to Idaho the past weekend for my brother's baby blessing, the girls had so much fun playing with their puppies, that they begged and cried for one- and so we brought one home this weekend. Blyss held him all the way home- they took a little nap together and he stayed on her lap the enitre time. The girls named him Rex. He is an outdoors dog but for now he is in the garage and does spend alot of time indoors. He is just a little things- but he sure is popular. The girls can't get enough of him and he can't get enough of them. He loves being played with and held. He has been pretty good so far- just a couple of accidents, luckily just on the tile and hardwood floors. We take him out every couple of hours during the day outside to go potty and does pretty good. It has been great entertainment for Sicaly while Blyss and Hallee are at school. It is work though!!
The first Halloween party of the year at the school. Hallee is a dragon fly, Blyss a Hawaiian girl, and Sicaly a pumpkin. The girls had fun at the party and got all sugared up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hallee's Baptism

I still can't believe I have a child old enough to get baptized! Time sure does fly. Hallee was baptized on Saturday and it was a wonderful busy day. My brother Ty and his family came all the way from Payette, ID for this occasion, they came friday night and stayed with us until saturday after the luncheon. Hallee was going to be Baptized with another girl in our ward and so we split the program. On Friday night at 9:45pm I get a phone call from the mom of this other girl saying that she broke her arm and can't get baptized. So with that we are now in charge of the whole program. I decide I will give the talk on Baptism, so it was a very late night preparing that talk for the next day. We wake up and I made last minute preprations for the luncheon and we head to my cousin's daughters baptism- Jocee- who Hallee clogs with. We run home, do more last minute preperations for the luncheon, and go back to the Stake Center for Hallee's baptism. Hallee looked beautiful, the program ran well- I gave a talk and Zak's sister Lyndsey gave the talk on the Holy Ghost- she did a great job, Zak did a great job, and there was so many people there to support her. Hallee felt so great after her baptism and confirmation.
After that we headed to the City Building- which I am so thankful for- I don't think my house could have held that many people and all the rambunctious kids!!! I had prepared Cafe Rio salads and burritos- it turned out so yummy. The kids had a blast playing and the rest enjoyed visiting.
After all the clean up, we headed up to Rigby- because the next day my brother was blessing their baby boy- Case. We went to Case's blessing on Sunday and to their luncheon- which was also delicious. The girls had fun playing with cousins and baby puppies. After all that we headed back home to get some R&R after a few busy days.
It was great to see so much family and catch up and the kids had a blast seeing cousins.
 Friday night getting ready for bed- Cash, Hallee, Zak, Blyss, Vanna, and Sicaly
 Rosie crawled over to see what was going on.
 Family picture
 Zak and Hallee
 Hallee and Marcy
 3 great grandma's to Hallee- Grandma Bazil, Grandma Miller, Hallee, and Grandma Jordan- what a lucky girl
 All the kids squeezed onto one table- and they were having so much fun together- I don't know how much eating got done though!
Vanna and Sicaly squeezed into this box to watch tv- what cute girls