Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st day of School

I can't believe I have 2 kids in school. I'm starting feel really old. Blyss has been so excited  to go to Kindergarten, she has been ready to go since she turned 5. She is in Ms. Sharp's class. She had a great 1st day. Hallee is now in 2nd grade, she has a new teacher as well- Mrs. Heath. Hallee really likes her and says she is nice. It is still hard for me to see these cute little girls grow up and go to school, but it is fun to see them grow and develop.

Last Week of Summer

Wow- Summer went so fast! The last 2 weeks of summer went to fast. For 1 whole week I was sick, I thought I would get feeling better and never did, it came to the point where I couldn't even swollow and I had blisters all over in my mouth and I was exhausted and had no energy, I went to the Doctors and sure enough I had Strep Throat. I thought maybe I could but I didn't have the chills and the sweats, so that is why I kept putting it off, when I went in I did have a fever. Medicine is an amazing thing- within 12 hours I could swallow and was feeling so much better. But we missed out on lots of activities that week. Once I was feeling better, I had to have a tooth implant put in, the Oral Surgeon wanted to put me out for this one. So there was another day out for me- the anesthia made me so nauseated, all I could do was lay down and sleep. I am so grateful Zak took that entire day off to take care of the kids- because there is no way I could have done it. And thanks to my neighbor for watching them that day too. So that left us with 2 days of summer left, so I was feeling bad for the kids because they had been cooped up and we hadn't done anything fun for awhile so I decided that we would do the last play date with our friends, I didn't feel that great and didn't have much energy, but we still went. We went to Stokes Nature Center up Logan Canyon, it was a little hike to the Nature Center, then we went in the Center and the kids had so much fun. They had lots of hands on things- there was bugs, snakes, spiders, and rocks. The kids had so much fun, then afterwords we went to FireHouse and had lunch- it was a great way to end summer!
All the Kids- ready to go for the hike
Playing in the river that ran along the trail
Ryan, Allee, Blyss, Claire, Brade, Hallee, Harrison, and Sicaly
Walking back to the car- all the girls walking together- it was so cute!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The LeMoNaDe StAnD

 Zak's mom gave this Lemonade Stand to the girls in May and yesterday we let them set it up. Business was really slow at first. The neighbors were helping and they must have gotten kind of bored, because they ended up making signs and went and advertised the Lemonade Stand. I think they started knocking on doors to drum up business. By doing this- this Lemonade Stand was BUSY!!! They used a whole package of cups- thats when the Lemonade Stand had to go out of business. But they had so much fun!

The Boys delivering the Lemonade that people bought. Their motto- Freakin Fast Delivery!


Vanna, Hallee, Cash, and Blyss
 We went to Boise last weekend for Zak's work. Our first night we meet up with my brother and his family. We went and had dinner and got some good visiting in. The kids had so much fun seeing each other. We meet at Target and the kids were so excited they were just bouncing!
Rosie and Sicaly

Our 2nd day- Zak had to work, so the girls and I went swimming in the hotel. Then we went to the mall for a couple of hours to do school shopping. And then that night we went to Zak's Aunt Patti's  house for dinner- which was delicious! His cousin Jason was there with his family and the kids played so well with each other, they built a fort together and ate lots of ice cream!

 Then on Saturday we took the kids to the Aquarium, my girls absolutley loved it! It was so hands on, they got to touch and feel so many things- sharks, iguana, sting ray's, star fish, and coral.

Shark- I even got brave and touched it.

On Saturday night Zak and I along with some people Zak works with went to the Journey concert. LoverBoy opened- and there is a very good reason why I have never every heard of him, I would love to never hear any of his songs again! Journey was pretty good- the best part was people watching! Wow... I'm so grateful to be a member of the Church and have the standards that I do and thankful for the Word of Wisdom.
Zak's cousin and her girls watched our girls and they had so much fun while we were at the concert! It was a fun trip and we got to see lots of family.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Idaho Fun

This past weekend we went to Idaho. I went up on Thursday to my parents and picked raspberries and made raspberry jam- oh how we love raspberries!! My brother Chase and his girlfriend Brooke came up from Provo- my girls found a new best friend- Brooke. Sicaly especially liked her, she would follow her wherever she went.While up in Idaho we celebrated my Birthday. My mom made Red Velvet cupcakes- they are my favorite and super delicious! On Friday we went to Heise to Minature Golf, the girls had fun learning how. Sicaly hung out with my parents and brothers. Heise has a fun course, then we had Pizza. That night we played pictionary and had fun doing that. On Saturday we headed to St. Anthony for the 24th July Parade, we also celebrated Zak's grandma's 80th birthday, so lots of his family was there. We had a nice dinner, then a slide show, and then each grandchild got up and told a special memory of his grandma, then we had Red Velvet cake. It turned out to be a nice little celebration for his grandma. Once we got home we were all very tired- it was one busy weekend-but a very good one!
Sicaly doing it- she would just end up picking up the ball and putting it in the hole

Sicaly with her cute hairdo that Brooke did
Me and the girls
Zak and the girls
Dog pile on Brooke- they all wanted to be with her.
Me with my Red Velvet Birthday Cupcake
At the parade waiting patiently for some candy
They actually have floats!! They have a theme and each ward builds a float- they were all very good!

My girls loved this camel