Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Park City

Zak had his annual meetings in Park City this year, so the girls and I went down on Wednesday and stayed till Friday morning. Our hotel room was dang nice- more like a condo, we had a full kitchen, a huge bathroom, with a garden tub and walk in shower, on the deck was a jacuzzi that the girls lived in. We hit the outlets and got a few things, we also did the alpine slide- that was very fun! Then on Friday Zak headed to St.Anthony to do the cattle drive, he took Blyss with him and she did great. Hallee, Sicaly and I came home for Hallee's Tee Ball game and I wanted to get Zak's office painted- it is almost done and finally Sicaly will have a room and we can put her in a crib!!!

Zak and Hallee riding the chair lift to the top

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hallee is playing Tee Ball this year. I think it is more fun for the parents to watch then for the kids to play. I get alot of laughs out of these kids, it seems most of the time they are in outer space. Hallee is getting alot better and figuring things out though.

I cut my hair this week, 4 inches off! It feels so much better.

Hallee and Blyss were invited to a Tea Part with their friend Kennidy. They had Mac n Cheese, hot coco and cookies, they had so much fun. Kennidy is an only girl and would love to have a sister, so she has adopted my girls and loves to play with them.

I came into the front room and found Sweetie laying like this, I thought she was dead at first, but just being a silly cat, so I thought we would measure and see who is bigger, Sicaly or Sweetie.

All 3 girls

Sicaly is getting so big, I can't believe how much she is growing and changing.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


For Memorial Weekend we decided to take a family vacation. Since Hallee loves dinosaurs (she loves to pretend to be a dinosaur, she makes up all sorts of dinosaurs and characteristics of the dinosaur she is) we decided to go to Vernal out to the Dinosaur Quarry and Museum. I didn't realize that Vernal is actually one of the largest dinosaur bones discoveries in the whole world. The quarry is actual closed right now, it is unstable for the public, but will open in 2012, but that is where all the dinosaur bones are being found, but they made other things available to the public to see. So we went on a little hike back into some rocks, and we were able to see some dinosaur bones in the side of a rock slab. We were also able to take a drive in the same area and see petroglyphs, these are carvings in the side of rocks made by the Fremont Indians anywhere from 600 years ago to 1400 years ago- very neat!! The rock formations out there are amazing, they are different colors each layer, and each color of the rock represents and era, and where they find the bones in the rock, they are able to tell which era the dinosaur lived in, it was amazing.
>We also went to the Museum right in Vernal, we got to see lots of dinosaur bones and footprints of dinosaurs.
The girls had a blast staying in a hotel, they didn't want to come home. We had some fun adventures with the girls, Zak had some fun bathroom experiences with Blyss, and I had fun cleaning up puke from her getting car sick, while we were stuck in traffic and couldn't pull over, thank goodness for our van, that made it easy to move around in, and good thing we had baby wipes!! One funny story with Hallee is, It was lunch time and Zak asked Hallee what she felt like eating, she responded, "Carmel Brownies." Zak told her he didn't know of a restraunt that sold carmel brownies, so asked her what else she felt like eating, she responed, "carmel popcorn." I just had to laugh, because that little girl would eat sweets all day long if we let her.

Actual footprints of dinosaurs and a leg bone.

Some bones of a baby stegasaurs

Sicaly and bones of another Stegasaurus



This dinoaurs was huge!!!!! I believe it is another diploducus


A small cave they figured the indians use, you can look out for miles from this cave, close by lots of petroglyphs

more petroglyphs

Hallee next to rock where there are dinosaur bones, I honestly don't know how they find them, they blend into the rocks so well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Click N Time Cloggers

This past Friday was Hallee's Dance Recital- IT WAS GREAT!! She did such a good job for her 1st year. My parents and grandma came down earlier in the day and we were able to visit and have dinner, Zak's parents meet us at the Dance Recital. My cousins' daughter, Jocee also is in Hallee's dance class, so my Aunt and her 2 daughters and their daughters came, it was fun to have so much family there. Hallee's class is the youngest class, so it is neat to see each age group and how much better they get. Here are some pictures and video from that night.

Blyss, Hallee, Jayda, Great Grandma Bazil, Jocee