Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Newest Addition

Summer the Hampster
I can't believe we spent money to buy a RODENT! But we had promised Blyss after we had to give away Rex we would get an easier animal to take care of. I was really hoping for a gold fish, but when we went and looked at the pet store for a fish she decided she really wanted a hamster. I have been pushing this off for a really long time and she kept begging and begging, so we went and picked her out last Friday. So far a hamster is an easy- which is nice!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little Bit of Decorating

Moving is really not any fun- not at all! But one thing we looked forward to when moving is I told the girls that we would get them new bedspreads and room d├ęcor- that made them a bit more happier about moving. Sicaly wanted her room to be flowers.

I did this old window with a wreath above her dresser- it turned out really cute.

A few other fun decorations we got for Sicaly's room.

Blyss' room. This is my old dresser- it is somewhere around 40 years old- so I refinished in Ivory with an antiquing glaze- it turned out so cute. Blyss wanted her room done in owls. At Hobby Lobby we found lots of cute things.

I made the chevron print curtains.

I refinished her nightstand- spray painted it aqua.  I love how Blyss' room turned out. Zak calls it the candy room- everytime you walk in you think candy!

Hallee wanted a Zebra print room. It also turned out darling and fun!
I refinished the girls dresser for Hallee- I painted it pink with antiquing glaze. It turned out really good to.

I really like decorating and figuring how things should go- so it was fun doing the girls room. Now if I could direct some of that energy  of how to landscape our yard!! So much more work to do.