Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Bee's

Little Miss Sicaly has been walking for about 6 weeks now- she loves walking, exploring, moving things from one room to another, and she gets in too so much now!!! The other day, she found her sisters markers, was able to take the lid off and she colored all over her face!! The girls and I just laughed and laughed and of course she was laughing too, she didn't like it when we had to wash her face though!

Another thing she likes to do is hide things!!! My measuring cups ended up in Zak's boots. This morning I found valentine cards in Zak's shoes in our closet. Sicaly took Blyss' valentines cards she had on her shelf took them to our closet and put them in his shoes. She keeps me super busy, but I get a good laugh at the things I find or what she has done.

Last Friday, Princess Peepers was at our house!! Hallee was so excited to dress up as a person from her favorite book. We luckily had the dress, I went to the dollar store bought $1 pair of glasses, broke the glass out, and I made a matching hat. It was their celebration for reading 100 books in 2 months. We actually got our 100 books done in 1 month!

Today the girls wanted a picnic in their bedroom, so I make the sandwiches lay out a blanket for our picnic and where do they end up? Sitting in the toy box, so I was left all by myself on the blanket. Oh well, I had a good visit with them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Sicaly is 1!

Time sure does go by fast! I can't believe my Sicaly baby is one years old today. She is such a fun little girl. She is walking, trying to run, she is very bull legged and it is funny to watch her walk around. She tries doing everything her sisters do. She is very sweet and loves giving kisses. She loves to watch her sisters and her sisters try everything to make her laugh. She most definatley is a Momma's girl, she loves to be in my arms or where I'm at. She also loves to scribble, she loves to be given a pencil and paper, it keeps her entertained for quite awhile.
We celebrated her birthday yesterday where Zak was going out of town. We took her to McDonald's, let her open her presents, and let her have a cupcake.

This is what she got for her birthday, Hallee and Blyss have been just pushing her and pushing her around. Then when she is out of it, they fight over it.

She also got a puzzle

I call Sicaly my Little Love Bug, so I thought a little lady bug cake would be perfect for her!!

Singing Happy Birthday to Sicaly

Here she is eating a cupcake, she thought it was funny to get some frosting on her fingers and then rub it into her hair- she would laugh each time she did it.

This is what she looked like by the end! A little ice cream around the mouth as well!

Happy Birthday Sicaly- we love you!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Days of our Trip

This is how we did our traveling if we weren't on the bus- the Metro System, we finally had it figured out by the last day, but it is a totally different world down in the Metro. I was really impressed with Washington DC, it was very clean, I think we saw 1 panhandler and very few street vendors. But maybe it was the time of year also.

All around DC, alot of buildings looked like this, lots and lots of buildings have pillars- I thought all the architecture of buildings were super neat.

On one day we had a few hours, so we decided to go to the National Archieves were the Declaration of Independance is, the Magna Carta, 13th Ammendemnt, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Lots of gaurds in that building!! No pictures allowed, the lights were very dim, and these are kept under special glass. The writing is fading on these, but the handwriting is beatiful!

After that we headed over to the Smithsonian American History Museum to see the Star Spangled Banner- the flag was huge! It is also in a very dim room with very protective glass. We walked around the museum a little bit and saw very neat things. We also went to the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.

One of the very first trains in US

This is a statue of General Scott Hancock- which I have an Uncle named Scott Hancock.

Dorthy's Shoes from Wizard of Oz. We also saw all the 1st ladies inaguration dresses- they were amazing and beatiful.

The Hope Diamond- the largest blue diamond to be found- it has been cut down to fit this setting.

We had a second day of meeting with Senators, Zak and I were assigned to Senator Hatch- we had an assigned issue to discuss with him. He gave us all a flag that was flown above the Capitol in our honor, the flag we received was flown for us on Jan. 3, 2011.

Before this trip I was pretty critical of what our Senators were doing. But after meeting with them, and them talking to us, I got so much of a bigger picutre and most are in agreement with what we want in ways of agriculture! They are working hard and I would never, never want their job, they have to know so much and understand so much!

My favorite part of this trip was going to Arlington Cemetery- it was very spiritual here. I couldn't believe how big this cemetery was.

In the cemetery their is a memorial for JFK and he and his wife and child are buried there. I loved this quote from him.

One of Arlington Cemetery guards- they gaurd the tomb of the unkown soldiers, 24 7, 365 days a year, I didn't realize they did it through the night. Everything they did was precise, perfect, like watching a dance, very neat.

Right above the cemetery is Robert E. Lee's house, the cemetery was his plantation. Robert E. Lee was the captain of the Confederate Army. But the most interesting thing was that Robert E. Lee was married to George Washington's granddaughter! But Robert E. Lee was asked to lead the Union Army, but he lived in Virginia , and Virginia agreed with the lower states, Lee felt like he needed to support his state, therefore that is why he lead the confederate army, not necissarily that he agreed with them, but had very strong ties to his state. This house was built by George Washington's son- 8,000 square foot home, and the view from this house was amazing! The Federal Government took over his home and plantation at the end of the war, to kind of spite him is the impression I got.

Changing of the gaurd- this was so neat to watch.

During the Wreath Ceremony

John Hancock's grave, he was a general or captain in the Civil War.

We were able to take a tour of Robert E. Lee's house:

The Cemetery initial started with 12 grave- this is one of the 12, these 12 are right next to the house.

It was a very touching place, and put a realization on what our nation has been through and how many have died for our nation and our freedom and rights.
I'm so glad I got to go on this trip, it was such a learning experience and I am so thankful for our founding fathers of this Nation, what they fought for, their courage, their persistance, and for their brains- they were very intelligent men!! I am very happy we got to meet with the Senators- I really was dreading this part of the trip, but it opened my eyes, I got to see how the system works and that was very intersting to me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

On Sunday we gathered together and had a short sacrament meeting- it was so neat that pretty much all of us that went were members of the church! After that we headed to Gettysburg. We took a bus tour of Getttysburg, it was very neat and had a solemn feeling as we took this tour and learned about the Gettyburg battle.

Type of cannons used during the civil war- these babies could shoot 1 mile.

This is where the Gettysburg Civil War Battle occured. In these fields

1 of the memorials of this battle

In the way back there is a picture of a farm house, this house was used as a hospital.

This place was were the battles last day was, up on rocky ridge hill

Another view of the hill were the Gettysburg battle ended and the Unions won, which gave the Union's an advantage in the war

That night after Gettysburg, we went to China Town

We ate at Hard Rock Cafe in China Town

We walked by Ford's Theater in China Town. We weren't able to ever get a tour of it.

Monday was a busy day we went to the American Farm Bureau offices for some group training and briefing.

After that we headed to the Capitol to get a tour, and meet with Reprensatitive Bishop. Every place you go in Washington DC, you have to go through security and through the metal detactors and have your purses checked through and scanned. Well, here at the capital I set off the metal detector, so I had to have the wand, my boots set off the wand, and I had to take my boots off to be scanned and looked at- it was kind of scary, but everytime I wore them I set the detectors off and had to go throught this process- huge pain!

Capitol Building

If you look at the Capitol Building there is a statue on top- this is what the statue is- lady of freedom

Rotunda of the Capitol building- it is so beatiful

Another pic of Rotunda

The painting at the top of the Rotunda if the Capitol

Painting of Pocahantas- the paintings in the Capitol were beatiful as well

Another room of the Capitol

There is a statue of Brigham Young in the Capitol

Another part of the Capitol- it is so fancy

One of the oldest parts of the Capitol- were they used to all meet

This is the oldest part of the Capitol Building- it was neat

The architecture of the Capitol building is amazing and beatiful. It was so neat to see.

We then meet with Rep. Bishop he was very straightforward and funny!

That night we went to a fancy restraunt with everybody- it was yummy, then back at the hotel we had a game night- of course we played maffia.