Saturday, September 24, 2011

Definatley Girl

Oh, our little miss Sicaly- she is definatley all girl!!!
Both Hallee and Blyss were at school and usually they keep their door closed to their bedroom and I was doing my chores and thought I haven't seen Sicaly for awhile, she was having a great time in the girls' room, she got up on Blyss' bed and slid her jewlery box over so that she could get into it, and was putting on all Blyss' jewelry- she just was in heaven and she even posed when I took her picture.
Blyss and her friend were playing dress up, so I hear Sicaly in the girls' bedroom upset, I go check on her and she was so frustrated because she had on a high heel on and could not get the other one on, so I put it on her - she had also put the crown on but it is was backwards, so I put it on right and she took off running to go find Blyss and her friend- no problem for her walking in heels! She picked a baby up on the way to go play with the other girls. It was so cute!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temple Picture Class

I am going to have a temple picture class- On November 11, which is a Friday at 6 pm at the Church. You can go to to check out all the temples and options they have. You don't have to do a temple, you can do a family picture. They also have clocks and Greg Olsen pictures. So go to their website and click on classes to view all the temples, what you can do with a family picture, or if you want to do a clock the design you would like.
The cost to do a temple or family picture is $57- that covers everything!!! That is so much less than anywhere else to get a picture this big- which is 26"X32".
This would be a great christmas present or for your own home. You can do more than 1, if you plan on doing 3 or more, have someone come with you to help.
The class takes about 2 1/2 hours to finish the project.
Contact me for more information or if you want to sign up- I need to have all orders in by Oct. 27th.
Marcy Miller- 258-5176
Please let others know about this and invite them- I do need to have a certain number sign up in order for it to happen!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

7 Years Old

Wow... I can't believe I have a 7 year old!!! Yesterday was Hallee's 7th  birthday, and she had a great day. I made her a horse cake- that was her request for this year, she wanted it black and white, but I couldn't get the frosting to go that color, so instead it was a tan color- but she was happy with it. In the morning we had a birthday party for her, with some of her friends from school and from the neighborhood. We played some waterballoon games, had sack races, played hot potato, hide and go seek, tag, and had a treasure hunt! Hallee got some fun gifts! Later in the day we went to McDonald's- of course that was her choice and they got a happy meal, which is real treat for them! Then we rented the movie, "Rio" to watch that night. She has had so much fun playing with all her presents, most of her gifts were the crafty/art stuff, which she loves.
Hallee is a great girl, she loves going to school- she is doing great with her reading, math, and writing, she loves to write- her handwriting is very pretty and neat. Hallee loves to catch bugs, especially grasshopers and butterflies. So for her birthday she got a bug cage, and my parents gave her a butterfly cage- we sent in for some catepillars- so that she can watch them change. Hallee is a good helper around the house- folding laundry, taking out the garbage, and cleaning her room. Blyss and her are best buds and great sisters to each other. Hallee is getting to be a bit more patient and will play a little with Sicaly know. We love her and glad she was sent to our family 7 years ago.

The Horse Cake
Blowing out Candles at her party
Opening presents from Mom and Dad

All of her "goods"- what a lucky girl!
Later this week on the 15th, our little Sicaly will be 18 months- I can't believe she is growing up so fast. She has seemed to grow up so much faster than my other 2, she walked really early- and since then, she has figured stuff out, she thinks she is as big as her sisters and wants to do everything they do- she is a smart little girl. She is definaltey fun, but she keeps me very busy!
She wanted to get in on the opening presents excitment!
Sicaly is definatley girl- she loves hair accerories and necklaces!

My sweet little Blyss has started her 2nd year of preschool- this year me and three other moms are doing a preschool, and we take turns teaching. But here she is on her first day. It just hit me that next year she will go to kindergarten, and it made me so sad- I like having her home, she loves to help and is a great sister to Sicaly.