Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To Vent

I guess I need to vent/complain a little bit. First off I'm going to say that I am so glad that my husband does have a job and provides for our family. But with Zak's job it requires him to be gone Monday through Friday or Saturday- so I am pretty much a single mom most of the time. It is way hard being a single mom- I give a huge applaud to all those mom's who are doing it, because most of them work to. It is not an easy life- I work my butt off all day and go to bed completly exhausted, never having a break from kids- mine are hard to get to bed and one or two wake up during the night. Nights are crazy, once Hallee gets home from school, it is homework, getting dinner ready, trying to keep track of kids if they are outside, having dinner, doing dishes, bath, working with Hallee for 20  minutes reading, doing scriptures, reading books, getting the older two to bed, and then trying to keep Sicaly quiet and out of their bedroom, until she finally falls asleep. There are days I just want to lock myself in my bedroom and cry all day because I wake up and know what a day in tells and it is overwhelming knowing that I am responisble for everything. I admit I am a little OCD and like things to be so so and have a clean house and be organized. I love my girls and they are so important to me and I love taking care of them! But people have implied that it is so easy and it just really bugs me and I feel so under appreciated. I know that all mom's work way hard! So make sure to support ALL mom's! They deserve it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Here are the little preschoolers on their last day of preschool at my house- we talked about the letter K, so they were Kings of Kangaroo Kingdom. It has been fun doing a Joy school this year- probably will be the only one I do!

 Today was their Preschool Graduation, they sang 5 Little Monkeys swinging in the tree, one of the moms read a poem to them and had recorded them of their favorite things from preschool, and I handed out their diplomas. So now it is off to kindergarten for Blyss. She is ready to go tomorrow- I have to keep explaining to her that she won't go to Kindergarten until after summer.

 Cute Girl!
 This past weekend was Black and White Days here in Richmond, so we headed to the park for a good time. The girls caught a trout with their hands at the trout pond- they thought that was great. We walked around the booths, played a few games, and then we went to the parade. My brother Nick and his wife Haley came and hung out with us. We went to our neighbors for a barbeque some fun games and laughter and then the kids watched a movie outside with the projector. The kids declared that was the best black and white days ever.
Ms. Sicaly with ice cream all over her face- she is one messy eater!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nice Weather

Boy- with having nice weather it is hard to find the time to blog- we are outside constantly! This little one loves being outside (and since she has figured out how to open the door it is more of a challenge to keep her in), and she tends to find mud. For some reason my kids love mud- drives me crazy. I have been changing Sicaly's clothes 2 to 3 times a day and she still looks like a little rag muffin. We have great neighbors that the kids play with so well and they have a blast. We are enjoying this warm weather but I need it to rain once a week so I can get stuff done around the house!

This past weekend we went to Idaho for a Chicken Meeting with Zak, he had a little booth promoting his companies chicken feed and teaching people about the proper feed for chickens. This meeting was about how to start your own backyard chickens- the hows on how to take care of them. And also for 4-H on how to show chickens. So the girls and I went to visit, they were giving away baby chicks so the girls got to hold and pet the baby chicks and they loved it!!! Hopefully someday we can get our own.

Sicaly wanted to just squeeze the baby chicks, so she just got to pet them.