Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zak's Car Accident

Zak had an early Elder's Quorm meeting the Sunday before Christmas. They decided to cancel the meeting since they had no keys to the church. It was about 7:40 am, it was still dark and very foggy. Zak was pulling left out of the church parking lot and didn't see anything, as he was coming out all of a sudden there was a car (which he couldn't see, because it didn't have its lights on), Zak stepped on it to drive straight to get out of its way, but the car still T-Boned him, it pushed Zak off the road and directly in between a power pole and a ditch, this space was just wide enough for his car- that was seriously an amazing blessing that he didn't hit the power pole or went into the ditch! Zak got his wind knocked out of him pretty good. He had his phone in his left pant pocket, and it totally crushed his phone, the phone took the brunt of the force. He was dazed, his back, hips,  cut on his hand from glass, and his ribs hurt a little. But was totally fine! The paramedics checked him out and then I took him to Insta Care and he was one very lucky boy!
I have tried prepping myself for a call like this since Zak travels so much and I have tried to mentally prepare myself. But this was totally unexpected and I was a wreck! I had people calling me telling me they were going to take Zak to the hospital, I was so scared. I called my parents and my mom came over so I could go to the scence. I helped clean out his car before the wrecker got their to take it away and decided just to take Zak to Insta Care.

Getting in a wreck stinks! We are still waiting to hear back from the insurance before Zak can get another car we have had to fight a little because he bought this car 6 weeks before the accident and the insurance wanted to give hime $3000 less than what he bought it for. Zak had a feeling he should buy GAP insurance, which will cover what he still owes on it- I'm glad he listened to that feeling!
He went without a phone for a week, which I think was good for him,  he went through withdrawls without his phone- he was glad once he recieved a new one.

The side air bags deployed. We have learned that Mazda 6 cars are very, very safe!

Not sure what this was from, either the rearview mirror or the airbag!
The Lord was watching out for him on this day!
Along with that happening on Sunday- on Wednesday he ate a peanut butter M&M and went into anaphlatic shock- and he was not home, he went to a hotel and took 7 Benadryl and I just prayed he would wake up in the morning. Then he got the flu on Friday and missed his sister's college graduation where she was a speaker for being the top in her class. It was a crazy week!


Erica Bazil said...

HOLY COW - WHEN IT RAINS IT POORS I GUESS! I'm so glad he was okay - the car looks terrible and it's crazy his phone (so close to his body) was destroyed yet, he was pretty much okay. Quite a miracle truly! And then add all the other events to it - allergic reaction, sickness - man! So glad he has recovered well from all!

Robert Noa said...

In my opinion, no one is prepared to receive a phone call and find out that their loved one has been caught in an accident. Good thing you were able to hold yourself up and call your mom so you can go to the scene and get Zak’s belongings. How is he by the way? I hope you've already received a good result from his insurance company, so he can get a new car or at least get a fair claim.

Robert @

Seantae Jackson said...

Oh my gosh Marc! I am so sorry! I hope you've been able to recover from such an awful week and feel the Lords blessing you!

Oliver said...

Yikes! It was quite a traumatic experience. Not only does the car look like it’s in rough shape, Zak’s battle wound looks pretty incredible, too. In all seriousness, I’m glad to see Zak is okay and doing well. Based off the pictures alone, it looks like someone was watching over him. I’ll keep him in my thoughts and prayers!

Oliver @ Little Oliver Gallagher

Randy Lawrence said...

I can't imagine a week much worse than that! I'm glad Zak is doing OK after all those misfortunes. Car wreck, anaphylactic shock, Benadryl overdose, the flu. If I didn't know better I would start to think that Zak has a curse on him or something. Hang in there!

Randy Lawrence @ Goldin Legal