Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Science Fair

The Science Fair! I remember doing that along time ago. But now we have the Internet and so many fun ideas. Hallee and I sat down at the computer scrolling through ideas, figuring out what we could do, her and I, since Zak was gone most of January and Feburary. Hallee saw this Gummi Bear project and decided it would be perfect for her. Hallee loves her sweets! So we ran through the project a couple of times to figure it out. We put a gummi bear in water, salt water, sugar water, and vinegar to see what happened to the gummi bear. It was fun and interesting- I would never have thought of that! My parents and I went to her school to check out the science fair and it was fun, there was lots of cool experiments and fun to see the kids be so excited about something. Hallee got a 100% on her science project!

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Erica Bazil said...

Sounds like fun - maybe one that Vanna could use when she gets older. Like Hallee, she loves her sweets! And it looks like Blyss had a great birthday! And hey - a donut cake is easier to put together than making a cake right! Great for you - great idea too!