Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blyss' 7th BiRtHdAy!

Blyss' birthday could not come fast enough this year! As soon as Christmas was over she started counting down for her birthday. She only wanted 1 thing for her birthday- something she wanted for Christmas and did not get. An American Girl- who looked liked her. I searched everywhere for a knock off, I tried on ebay for months, I did not want to spend that much money on a doll! But we finally caved in and decided to spend the money, since she talked and talked about it everyday and wanted it so much. Blyss was so, so excited for her birthday and once I wrapped her presents it was killer for her to have wait 2 more days to open them. Zak was gone for her birthday which was a huge bummer for him, since he knew how excited she would be. But after school my parents came and my grandma, then Zak's mom and his 2 grandma's came for our little party.

Blyss was so happy she got her look alike American Girl Doll- Red hair, light skin, green eyes, and freckles! She has named her Lily. That is Blyss' middle name.

She also got some clothes and accessories for her doll and also a birthstone necklace.

Blyss is not a fan of cake, so she decided on a donut cake! Earlier in the day I took donuts for her whole school class!

She loved her donut cake! Happy 7th Birthday Blyss!

Then that night the girls and I went out and celebrated with Pizza.
Blyss is a good girl. She is a pleaser- more at school then home. Her teacher always refers to her as the count on kid, she is always on task and does what her teacher asks her to do. She is doing so well in school. She loves gymnastics- she loves flipping around and doing the splits. She is also in clogging- she is just a coordintaed kid, so she is a good little dancer! She is a good sister, she loves playing with both her sisters- and does what they like to play.  She is a good helper, she can tell when I'm frustrated and will step in and help me- I'm so glad she can see that and willing to help! She loves singing- right now the Frozen music and the Sound of Music. She is enjoying her doll Lily, dressing her and taking care of her.
We sure love having Blyss in our family!


Trisha said...

Happy birthday Blyss! We miss you!

Jenny said...

I can't believe that she is 7!!! Wow!!! I miss the millers...we need to come see you!

Seantae Jackson said...

What a great birthday you made her!!!!! I love the donut cake!