Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sept. 2014

The girls started school in Sept. Blyss is in 2nd grade- her teacher is Mrs. Bidwell. Hallee is now in 4th grade and she has 3 teachers that she switches between. They both  really like school and are doing so well.

Blyss' 1st day of 2nd grade

Hallee's 1st day of 4th grade
What pretty girls!!!

Hallee and her friend Kennidy participated in the talent show at the State Fair.

They took 2nd place in their age category! Way to go.
Hallee and Blyss also started back with clogging this year. Hallee has really taken off and has gotten very good, she really likes it too.
Hallee started piano as well. I don't have to remind her to practice, she does it all on her own and doing really well with it.

Sisaly started preschool at a preschool here in our subdivision, so she goes to school wih all her friends and loves it.

Hallee had her 10th birthday- I can't believe she is growing up so much! She is almost as tall as me. She is a good helper, has started babysitiing her sisters, and does a few chores around the house. She does love  her down time and sweets! She does so well in school, she is excellent at math. She has made lots of new friends and enjoys school.

We found out that we will be having another little girl join our family. We were really hoping for a boy- but we are pretty good at the girl thing- so we are happy no matter what! Everything looks great with her. I finally started feeling bettter at 20 weeks- finally no more naseau and throwing up!

This is Blyss when I told her she was going to have a sister. She was so disappointed, she was for sure it was a boy- she just knew it, so it was a really hard thing for her to except. She cried for 1 1/2 hours, followed me around and kept telling me how picked on she was and how another sister was going to ruin her life- it was quiet comical, but after so long enough was enough. She finally has come to terms with it and is so excited for a cute little sister!

Ms. Sisaly keeps me on my toes, she doesn't like to watch tv, so she is very busy and lots of messes. She does love her kitty- Princess- which keeps her entertained some.

Befor Sisaly can go to sleep she has to set up beds for her stuffed animals, so I always get a kick out of what she has done when I go check on her. She is very loving to her stuffed animals!


Andrea said...

That cracks me up about Blyss. So sad but, funny. Crazy how I remember her still as the baby.
Adelle wants a baby sister so bad!

Anonymous said...

be nice to get into moms and daughters panties,yummy eating.

Anonymous said...

mom,you got my pecker throbbing rock hard.