Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Oct. 2014

 We had a Ward Fall Party. We had wagon rides and little train rides- I even gave the little train ride a try! Then we had a chili cookoff- with some awesome tasting chili.

 My brother and his family came up to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday, so we went out to eat and then went to this awesome straw maze. The kids loved sliding down these huge tubes.
Zak and Hallee waiting- my Dad and I got split up from the group, becauce there was a section the kids wanted to go through, that got narrower and narrower. My Dad is claustraphobic and I didn't want to squeeze the baby in my tummy. Well my Dad and I never could find the ending so we took one of the emergency exits and found everyone waiting for us!

The kids rolling in a big tire while they waited for my dad and me

Of course at Halloween time we have to carve pumpkins! We had such a mess of pumpkin guts, the girls had to take a bath.

 Some friends of ours always do a Halloween Party, this year they had it at the skating rink, Hallee had been skating before and did pretty good. But Blyss and Sisaly really struggled. I saw Blyss fall I don't know how many times, but she got right back up and no tears. Same with Sisaly, but she got help from friends and Zak and I walking and holding on to her so she wouldn'tt fall.
Blyss- our little Indian

Sisaly- A Cowgirl

Hallee- a Pirate

Zak and Sisaly- the Cowboy and Cowgirl

This year I went and helped at Hallee's Halloween party and school. I love going in and meeting the kids that she always talks about- it is good to put a name to the face. Sisaly also loved hanging out at the party. She can't wait to go to school.

Halloween Day!
Sisaly was a peacock for Halloween- I love her poses!

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