Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter this year started early at our house since we have 9:00am church and we still made it to church on time! The girls were so giddy for their Easter Egg Hunt which I think took them about 3 minutes to find all the eggs. Hallee and Blyss each got new dresses and all 3 girls got an activity book for church from the Easter Bunny. A week before Easter we had a Family Home Evening on the Resurrection, this year Hallee and Blyss understood more and it was fun to talk to them about the true meaning of Easter. I am so grateful for our Savior and his love for us and his willingness to die for us and made it possible or us to have eternal families and I am so grateful for that knowledge I have. We had a fun Easter and later in the day for dinner we had our good friends and neighbors the Hulse's over for some yummy food and the kids all had fun together, then we watched the Gaurdians with the projector out in the garage. It was a great Easter.
Blyss in her new dress

Hallee in her new dress
Sicaly eating a cadbury egg-no breakfast for this girl before church-unless you count chocolate!

Zak with the girls

Hallee-8. Blyss-6, and Sicaly-3

Marcy and the girls


Erica Bazil said...

Looks like it was a great Easter. The girls look so pretty in their new dresses. Simply a beautiful time of year right!?

The High Family- said...

Gorgeous family! Glad you guys had a nice Easter.