Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Kids love animals and reptlies

Hallee is always looking for bugs, insects, reptiles- she loves it! She has found a few snakes in our yard and then plays with them for awhile, until I say it is time to let them go.

One day while up at St. Anthony, Hallee found this toad. I have to admit it was pretty cool. It would croak and that was cool to see. I let them have the toad for a day and then told them they had to let the toad go.

More pictures of the toad

We finally made it to Tauphtaus Park Zoo, it is a fun little zoo. Sicaly got the biggest kick out of the tortoises. They were hunge.

The Lion


The Zebras- it was a fun little outing before school starts!

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Seantae Jackson said...

It's so funny to see your cute little girls holding a snake! I love it!